Saving the Environment: Daler Mehndi Green Drive

The Dictionary meaning of Environment is  (noun) – the area in which something exists or LIVES. All the situations, events, people etc that influence the way in which people LIVE or work. It includes the factors that have an influence in their survival, development and evolution.

To Live is to possess life, of having a positive and satisfying existence.

Now to find a Balance a cohesive co existence between Nature, Trees, Animals, Human Beings,  and then Human created environment – of buildings(concrete), industries, agriculture, vehicles, telephones, weapons, nuclear technology, pharmaceuticals etc is what will define ENVIRONMENT.

Just the thought of this fragile, almost non existing Balance, the dwindling fulcrum should be inspiring enough and motivating enough for any living individual to take notice, become aware and simple take action.

So here we are in our simple but very passionate and focused approach, trying to contribute our BIT to HAVE a positive and satisfying existence.


“We started in 1998 with just one intention – to follow my dream. The arid Dubai could look green so why not Delhi!
In the peak of summers of 1998, with the help of my maalis (gardeners), armed with passion and lots of zeal,  we flagged off plantation drive on the most difficult, ugly and dilapidated corners of Delhi and by year 2000 we had planted over 800,000 saplings in the NCR region of Delhi that included schools.

Personally for me, trees was the one word that was synonymous with Environment and back then it was most needed in Delhi as well. Thankfully we succeeded and the dream became a reality”, quips a jubilant Daler Mehndi, the man behind this onerous task.


We at  Daler Mehndi Green Drive are committed to initiate, sensitize both ourselves and all those whose lives we touch,  about the negative effects of various activities, various eco-activities and steps to mitigate these effects so as to make a DIFFERENCE!!