Safai Ka Hero – Daler Mehndi scouts Heroes of Cleanliness


The environmentalist Pop Star, Daler Mehndi who has in the past contributed to the lungs of New Delhi by planting over 800,000 saplings and visited over 300 schools in the NCR area is now taking this cause one step further by visiting local areas and hailing the efforts of individuals who are maintaining and cleaning their localities. The DM Green Drive, besides the ongoing contest distributes free of cost, trees like Neem, Jamun, Gulmohar, etc.

The campaign #SafaiKaHero kick started with the song Safai Ki Dhun written and composed by the veteran performer for PM Narendra Modi for the India Today Group and Channel Aaj Tak’s Safaigiri Summit o be held on October 2, 2015.

“I am very happy and excited to be a part of the India Today Safaigiri movement with the ‘Safai Ki Dhun’ anthem. I believe it is every Indian’s duty and responsibility to contribute towards keeping our nation clean because If you love your country, you will not dirty it. I hope the music anthem will touch hearts and becomes the main medium to spread the message across the nation.” says Daler Mehndi

“Safai Ki Dhun, Yaar Mere Sun, O Rab De Bande Safai Bara Gun”

Listen to the tune of cleanliness, my dear friend.

O creature of God, cleanliness is a great virtue.

Daler authored the words and composed the cleanliness anthem to the traditional beats of Pashto. Safai Ki Dhun has the iconic Daler Mehndi music, both peppy and dancing.

The Bhangra King who started the environment drive in 1998 and as a protocol donates a tree at each of his concert is the only Individual whose work was hailed and incorporated in the Delhi Govt’s Task Force.

Advocating the motto of his green drive ‘Think Clean Go Green, Mehndi walks the talk. Provide clean entertainment and save the environment, steer clear of any adulterants and addictions or Nasha, Daler Mehndi a tee totaler was also the Brand Ambassador for UNODC for Fight Against Drug campaign which was powered by Radio Mantra and has over the years worked earnestly to make the Green Drive to become a people’s movement; spreading far and wide throughout the width and breadth of India. For each individual to come forward and contribute to the environment in his individual capacity, even if it means planting and maintaining ONE tree.

Apart from a plantation drive , Mehndi is also currently working on saving the Indus Breed of Cows under his maiden project White Gold Cowshala which he started in 2014.

Daler Mehndi Green Drive is making strides unconditionally. Devoting its energies in fulfilling his vision and like a conqueror, this virtuoso who redefined the concept of popular music shall once again leave a trail of clean melody with a green message!

My objective is to invite citizens around the world to take center stage whilst also creating a timely, relevant and playful opportunity to spread awareness:  on health (mental and physical) and establish sustainable solutions for a disease free world. , Its single vision is to spread awareness & promote a healthy, happy, stress free & clean environment – a FORTUNE CREATING ENVIRONMENT.

“Aap Chahe kisi bhi dharam se ho, Kachra toh aap sab ka ek sa hi hai”, exclaims Daler Mehndi.

So what are you waiting for people? Pick up the broom and be the hero this country needs, Safai Ka Hero!