Purifiers of the world

When the word “tree” comes into my mind, a refreshing green shade comes in front of me with sweet chirping of birds sitting comfortably in their nest on the top of it. Such is the balance of nature providing a selfless service to everyone. From the 34 biological diversity hotspots, India is home to two – Western Himalayas & the Eastern Ghats, which have one of the densest trees in the region providing oxygen to crores of people.

It is said that a fully grown tree supply’s oxygen to support at least 25 lives on this earth and not only this, the air which we breathe out comes back to them for a natural purification process.


The attachment with trees motivated me  and my team and in our last drive we planted 8,00,000 saplings of trees in NCR. Again the zeal and motivation has come and this time we plan to cross the million mark planting native species of the region.  Think of that situation where everything is green around you, giving positive signs to all living beings. Whatever we do for the nature is less – considering the harm done. But whatever we are doing definitely adds to the nature’s basket. The relation brings compassion is oneself and joy for everyone else.