DalerMehndi Finds Sustenance in Encouraging Natural Breeding of Livestock

Over the recent years, there has been a significant hue and cry over cow slaughter in India. Barring the small percentage of people with vested political and social interests, there are a number of valid reasons why even the common public and NGOs around the nation have begun to support the cause against slaughtering of innocent cows.

Unnatural Breeding of Cows

Over and above the fact that the cow is considered to be holy in many Indian sub-cultures, from an environment perspective, it has been proven that the unnatural breeding of cows adds to the carbon footprint, proving to be extremely harmful for mother earth in general.

Besides that, with relatively unregulated breeding, selling and slaughtering processes followed in various parts of the country, there is no guarantee that the meat producing process followed is in any way humane.

Celebrities and Influencers Speak up

Indian pop icon, DalerMehndi has always been a keen environmentalist, allowing him to be vocal about his views on the current state of our planet. He makes it his personal goal to bring back social awareness regarding age old dietary practices followed in our nation to promote an organic way of life that prevents inhumane practices such as the slaughtering of cows.

In addition to this “save cow” campaign, he intends to promote the reduction of use of wanton fertilizers and genetic modification of species of livestock. He believes that our sustenance lies in planting more trees and encouraging natural breeding of animals.

The DM Green Drive initiated by the pop icon and philanthropist aims at educating and helping India create a healthy, happy and clean environment for all!