DalerMehndi Continues to Express Concern Regarding the Cleaning of River Yamuna

Daler Mehndi actively participating in the  #YamunaCleaningProjectThe cleaning up of the Yamuna River has been a public priority for many years now. With water pollution becoming a matter of increasing concern, the Indian government has started a bilateral project with the Government of Japan under the name of the “Yamuna Action Plan”. As one of the largest restoration projects in the country, there are a number of key people involved including the Japanese bank of International Cooperation, Ministry of Environment and Forests and the National River Conservation Directorate.

Getting Key Influencers Involved in the Project

Considering how critical it is for clean water to reach citizens relying on this river, the cause has also gained a lot of traction among the common public and other influencers within our society. Philanthropist, Environmentalist and pop Icon DalerMehndi has also chosen to involve himself in the Yamuna River Green Drive’s Yamuna Projectwith an aim to use his fandom as an influencer towards creating a cleaner, greener tomorrow.

DalerMehndi has in the past too channelled his passion for the environment and the safety of planet earth in getting involved in a host of other projects around planting trees, promoting natural and humane treatment of livestock among other initiatives.

 Delhi Government’s Plans for the River

 The Delhi Government too has come up with a new and comprehensive plan for the Clean Yamuna Drive that concerned citizens such as DalerMehndi look forward to see through. Over the next 2.5 years, the government plans on executing the project costing INR 6000 crore to clean the river, create a biodiversity zone on the river banks and to treat the drain water in a way that it doesn’t pollute the river.

There are also plans on utilizing the spaces on the banks of drains as public spaces to encourage cleaner and more enjoyable outdoor environments.