Adopt a Tree. An attempt to make Mother Earth pollution free.


Adopting a Tree is the easiest way to give Respect to Mother Nature

It is not really difficult to do something about a grave situation. All it requires is a decision. Once decided, all one has to do is maintain one’s focus and continue with one’s whole heart.

Environment, Mother Earth, Conservation , Sustainability, Pollution, Renewable Energy, Climate Change are not really big words and deeds meant for environmentalists, scientists, or people educated in these streams. These are simple ways of living, acts and deeds carried out by you and me on a daily basis with a single aim of reducing our abusive nature towards Nature, recycling the gifts of nature, reusing the energies provided by the abundant Mother Earth for free mindfully, judicially and with full awareness.

It starts with small steps.

Adopt a Tree

Adopt A Tree


1. Spot a Space close to your house or school or place of work.

2. If you have a 5 feet tall tree. Dig 3 feet deep hole and 24 inches in diameter. Get some help if you cant do it yourself. Engage family, friends.

3. Plant the tree. Fill it and cover it with soil. Add some cow dung or compost. Water it.

4. Bingo. You just planted your Tree. Adopt it with Love. Nourish it with Water and good thoughts.

5. Maintain it. Secure it.

6. You just got your self and your family, friends more dose of oxygen, great skin, good health and positive Karma in the Bargain.

7. In case you need help. Call us. Write to us.